NAILBA Now: May 9. 2017

By Sarah O'Hanley posted 05-09-2017 09:37

Read NAILBA Now in PDF format here.

Welcome Candy Coons!

NAILBA announces new Meetings Specialist

NAILBA is pleased to have contracted with Candy Johnson Coons of CJ & Associates to handle our meeting management needs for NAILBA 36. Many of you will remember Candy from her many years of service on-site at the Annual Meeting, managing both the registration and Mooers Seating Desk. We have expanded Candy’s role this year to include affiliate meeting space requests, hotel arrangements, and more.

You can reach Candy at

Foundation: Grant Applications are in the Mail!

Your opportunity to help a local charity receive grant funding

The NAILBA Charitable Foundation, NAILBA’s philanthropic arm, provides grant funds to organizations in the US with great purpose and little economic resources that serve to enhance the quality of life for those less fortunate.  Grant awards are provided ONLY to charities whose applications are supported by a NAILBA member agency principal or staff member, or a staff member of a current exhibitor, sponsor or advertiser. This is YOUR opportunity to help charities you already work with on a volunteer basis receive funding in support of their mission.

Print versions of this 2017 Grant Application were mailed to every NAILBA member agency principal, contracted exhibitor and sponsor last week. The deadline for the 2017 Grant Application is July 14, 2017.

Every complete grant application submitted by the deadline that included all of the required attachments will be reviewed by the Grants Review Committee in August. All applicants and their endorsing sponsors will be notified by early September of their grant application's status.

Successful grant applications and their sponsors will be listed on the website in late September and recognized at NAILBA 36 in Hollywood, FL.

Questions about NAILBA Charitable Foundation grants? Contact Kathy Allison, Director of Membership and the Foundation at or 703.383.3072.

NAILBA 36: Hotel Reservations

NAILBA members - check NAILBA Network!

As a special thank you to our recently-renewed member agencies, member agency principals and staff should check our online members only community, NAILBA Network, for a link to online hotel reservations at the Diplomat Beach Resort for NAILBA 36. The reservations link will not be posted anywhere else until June, when registration opens.

Hotel reservations will open to everyone else in June, so get a jump on making your reservation now!

Questions about hotel reservations? Contact Candy Coons, our meetings specialist, at

Foundation: Matching Programs

Donations received through June 30 can be matched by your marketing group!

It's that time of year again – the time you have the opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to your community, your industry, and your association and its Foundation.  NAILBA Charitable Foundation Grant Applications are available now (see above) – and in order to fund all of the worthy charities that you support with grant funding from the NAILBA Charitable Foundation, we need your financial contributions.

Your marketing organizations want to help you help your Foundation, and your charities. We are delighted to announce that six (6!) of our marketing organization members (AimcoR, BRAMCO, LifeMark Partners, LTA Marketing Group, The Marketing Alliance, and NBA) have committed to matching donation programs. Thanks to their generous support of the NAILBA Charitable Foundation, your contribution between now and June 30 will be doubled with a matching donation. Keep in mind, grantees in the 2017 cycle will be funded using contributions raised before June 30.

For your contribution to be matched through this program, complete and return this matching contribution form with your donation.  Be sure to note which marketing organization will be matching your donation. Or, visit the Donate page of the Foundation website to select the specific form for your marketing organization.

Don't belong to a marketing organization? No problem! You can still make a donation online or by using this form.  Remember, all donations received before June 30 will go toward funding this year's grant applications.

Questions? Want to initiate your own matching program? Contact Kathy Allison, Director of Membership and the Foundation by email at or phone (703.383.3072). 

An Update from the Life Brokerage Technology Committee

FIIS to Join Forces with LBTC! 

Over the past 24 months, the Financial Institutions Industry Standards (FIIS) team has established the scope and framework for standards over a key set of life insurance processes in the financial institutions space.  The six key FIIS workgroups have captured need, developed concept, and prepared short and long term plans necessary for the ultimate implementation of processing and data standards. 

With the focus on financial institutions established and the framework in-place to move forward, four of the FIIS workgroups will become part of the overall efforts of the Life Brokerage Technology Committee (LBTC). The 4 workgroups are:

  • Pending Case Update
  • Application Submission Process
  • Policy Delivery (eDelivery)
  • Pre-Sale Technology Integration 

LBTC is well entrenched in the life insurance community and is well known for its successes with technology advances associated with the marketing, sale, and servicing of insurance in independent as well as other distribution channels.  “While it was critical to establish work groups with key players in the space and an exclusive focus on financial institutions, the teams are now at a point where there direction is clear and they will benefit greatly from the broader work product and synergies that LBTC brings” said Carol Rando, who initiated FIIS in support of PLAN (Professional Life Advisors Network) and the financial institutions marketplace as a whole.  The work groups will remain in-tact, with the same team leaders and focus, and will transition under the overall umbrella of LBTC.  “We are thrilled to expand our focus firmly into the financial institutions space, and recognize the ground work in place and tremendous synergies to be leveraged as we progress into this predominately uncharted space”, said Ken Leibow, steering committee chairperson of LBTC.   The transition of the FIIS work groups into LBTC is expected to be completed in early May, 2017.

About The Life Brokerage Technology Committee

The Life Brokerage Technology Committee was established to create and maintain an open forum for the consideration of primarily technological issues that affect the operational efficiency of the members businesses. LBTC’s membership consists of life insurance carriers, service providers, technology vendors, brokerage general agencies and other distributors of life insurance, variable, annuities and long term care insurance. The purpose of this committee is to exchange information about technology related systems and services related to marketing, sale and servicing of insurance in independent distribution channels. All meetings and exchanges of ideas that take place through the efforts of the committee are designed solely for the purpose of expressing various points of view and for the sharing of information. Explore opportunities to identify and promulgate best practices in these areas to reduce inefficiencies and unnecessary expenses for all participants and improve services for the committee’s mutual customers. 2017 LBTC Co-Chairs: Debbie Hannam, Stacey Gabaldon, and Adnan Raja. For further information, please contact Ken Leibow at

Life Happens: DI Resources

Disability Insurance Awareness Month – Happening Now! 

Disability insurance is the most overlooked of the major types of insurance, but certainly one of the most important: 1 in 4 of today's 20-year-olds will suffer a disability at some point in their career. 

That's why the nonprofit organization Life Happens coordinates Disability Insurance Awareness Month, a national awareness campaign that takes place each May.

To help you with outreach, Life Happens has a whole suite of DI marketing resources for you to use, including:

  • 6 featured Real Life Stories in video and flyer format, which show how families and business were saved financially by DI when tragedy struck
  • Social-Media Calendar of Prewritten DI Posts for the entire month
  • 20 social-media graphics just on DI, featuring new stats, quotes, and inspiration
  • 4 compelling stats made into short videos, perfect for social media
  • 4 digital flyers that address why people don't get coverage
  • "Disability Insurance 101" video
  • 3 short videos dispelling DI myths

PLUS visit our whole library of popular resources, including the "What You Need to Know About Disability Insurance” brochure.

Get a jump on your plans by checking out these DIAM resources!

NAIFA Congressional Conference

NAILBA members are invited to register today!

The NAIFA Congressional Conference, May 23-24 in Washington, DC, is the largest annual insurance agents and financial advisors day on the hill. It is crucial that our nation’s lawmakers are well informed on how their decisions affect advisors, brokers and, most importantly, our clients’ financial well-being. 

The looming threats to our industry are very real.  The industry needs you to lead the way and attend the 2017 NAIFA Congressional Conference to ensure that laws and regulations enhance, not restrict, the ability of middle market families to have access to the products and services offered by our industry.  Please help us make a difference by registering today!  For additional information about the NAIFA Congressional Conference, view the FAQs.

AALU Update

Register here for the May Advocacy Webinar!

AALU May Advocacy Update Webinar
As part of our ongoing advocacy partnership with AALU, NAILBA membership is invited to attend this month’s Advocacy Update webinar to stay abreast of the latest in Washington, DC. 

If you would like to register for AALU’s May Advocacy Update, you can do so here.

Questions about the AALU update? Contact Jack Chiasson, NAILBA CEO at or 703.383.3081.

Exhibitor/Advertiser/Sponsor Corner

Advertising Deadline – Extended to May 12! And more information about NAILBA 36!

NAILBA 36: First Exhibitor/Sponsor Newsletters Sent

The first two NAILBA 36 Exhibitor Newsletters (April and May) have been sent to each company’s main contact. Please make the time to review these monthly newsletters; our intention is to share as much information as possible with as few messages as needed. These newsletters contain important deadlines, opportunities, and tips for a successful exhibit.

If the main contact at your company changes, or someone other than the main contact should be receiving these newsletters, please contact Sarah O’Hanley ( or 703.383.3076) as soon as possible with updated information.

Promotional Opportunities Guide: Sponsorships, Exhibits, Advertising and NEW Event Advertising

The newly re-worked 2017 Promotional Opportunities Guide has literally DOZENS of new opportunities for you to marshal your marketing dollars in support of the brokerage community. There’s an opportunity to fit every budget!  Special Offer: mention code ISEEYOU when you call/email, and you’ll receive a free digital BANNER ad (value $750), placed on all three of NAILBA’s main digital platforms for one month with the purchase of a sponsorship, event advertising or advertising!


Perspectives magazine is NAILBA’s official magazine and communication tool, published quarterly and attracting the attention of the largest wholesale brokerage carriers and technology companies in the industry. NAILBA launched a digital version of Perspectives magazine in 2014. All print advertisers receive additional exposure in the digital magazine at no additional expense. The deadline to submit an advertising contract/insertion order for July’s issue has been extended to May 12; ad artwork will be due on May 22.

NEW THIS YEAR: we have separated Event Advertising from Sponsorships to more clearly identify opportunities at the Annual Meeting where NAILBA co-branding is not necessary.  Are you launching a new product, rolling out a new campaign, or simply like seeing your company’s name displayed in ten foot high letters? Then Event Advertising is for you! Check out what’s available in Event Advertising here. (Event Advertising was formerly known as Unique-to-Venue “sponsorships”).

We also still offer traditional sponsorship opportunities (general sessions, meals, etc.). First right of refusal for existing sponsors was in January based on priority point seniority and current contracted sponsorship.  You may be surprised to see what wasn’t picked up from last year!

NAILBA offers 5 different digital platforms for ad space: NAILBA Now (bi-weekly e-newsletter),, NAILBA 36 Event site, NAILBA 36 Exhibit Hall Website and NAILBA Network (our recently launched member-centric online community). Please refer to the Online Advertising section of the 2017 Promotional Opportunities Guide for prices and ad specifications. Package discount opportunities are available.  Special Offer: mention code ISEEYOU when you call/email, and you’ll receive a free digital BANNER ad (value $750), placed on all three of NAILBA’s main digital platforms for one month with the purchase of a sponsorship, event advertising or advertising!

Package print, event, and online advertising for greater exposure and discount opportunities! Please refer to the Advertising tab in the 2017 Promotional Opportunities Guide for details about online, print, and unique-to-venue (event) advertising opportunities. This section also includes an ALL NEW Creative Opportunities area!

NAILBA 36 Exhibits

NAILBA 36 exhibit space is selling fast! If you have not yet committed to participating as an exhibitor at NAILBA 36, your booth selection options are becoming more limited as the weeks pass. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to showcase your product or service Where the Brokerage Industry Meets.

Please refer to the Exhibits section of the 2017 Promotional Opportunities Guide for details about exhibiting and an exhibit application and contract.

NAILBA 36 Sponsorships

NEW THIS YEAR: NAILBA is proud to recognize our sponsors based on their level of support. We have reorganized the sponsorship opportunities based on price, to help you bundle sponsorships in a way that allows your company to ensure they earn the recognition level that matches your marketing goals. In addition, we are offering events that are scheduled multiple times (breakfasts, lunches, breaks, workshops) in a first-come/first-chosen basis. For example, if your company is the first to contract to sponsor a lunch, you will decide first which lunch you are sponsoring once the schedule is finalized (not including events that are already confirmed via first right of refusal/returning sponsors). First right of refusal for current sponsors expired on January 13.

Please refer to the Sponsor section of the 2017 Promotional Opportunities Guide for details about sponsorship opportunities.

Do you need an electronic version of the entire Guide? Here’s the link to the downloadable version of the 2017 Promotional Opportunities Guide! Questions? Contact Susan Haning at or by phone 703.383.3068.

NAILBA 36: Meeting Space/Hospitality Suite/Sleeping Room Block Requests: Deadline April 21!

An email was sent on February 23 to all main contacts of contracted exhibiting and sponsoring companies with information on how to reserve meeting space, hospitality suites, and sleeping room blocks (9+ rooms). The Affiliate Meeting Space/Sleeping Rooms/Suite Request Form is here, and further information about policies, deadlines, etc. were included in the email and are posted to the NAILBA 36 website. Included with the form are suite floor plans available to our group with specifications and group pricing. You must use this form and this process to reserve hospitality and meeting space at the hotel during NAILBA 36. The deadline to submit your request and have your space assigned in priority point order was April 21. Requests received after the deadline will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis pending availability of space.

Notification of approved requests will be sent out beginning this week. Notifications will advise what has been approved and provide contact information for the Diplomat Beach Resort so you may begin your planning process.  Please do not contact the hotel directly – the hotel will not honor any requests that have not first been approved by NAILBA. NAILBA will open the general hotel reservation block in June.